Spray-Lock FRP Adhesive has changed the rules for wall panel installations with its 4-hour working time. Installers can spray out the work area and immediately focus on panel installation. It also has instant grab that eliminates panels from sagging and can be applied over porous and non-porous substrates. Our FRP Adhesive works on a wide range of approved wall coverings including fiberglass-reinforced panels (FRP), non-fiberglass-reinforced panels (NRP), plastic and composite.

Install 30% more panels
Longer working time
Instant grab

No sagging tiles
Increase productivity
Install in occupied spaces

Spray-Lock FRP Adhesive

Fiberglass-Reinforced Panels (FRP)
Spray Adhesive


70 ft2 (6.5 m2)   (Two sheets – 8’x4’)

FRP adhesive 1
FRP adhesive 2
FRP adhesive 3

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