Like LVT, vinyl composite tile (VCT) is a popular commercial flooring option that is attractive and affordable. Spray-Lock 9500 takes productivity to a new level for VCT, making installs at least 30% faster than trowel adhesives. We also offer 9500 Platinum as the most cost effective and warranted solution for installing VCT in high moisture environments. Unlike adhesives that are loaded with low moisture tolerant fillers, 9500 Platinum is formulated with only pure polymers to give you a moisture tolerant floor with a finish as smooth as the substrate.


Low profile
30% faster than trowel
80% less adhesive use

Short tack time
Instant shear strength
Wax and finish floors immediately

9500 VCT, Recycled Rubber
Flooring Adhesive

Warrantied for:

98% RH, 8 lbs MVER, 11pH


VCT: 170-200 ft2 (14-17.2 m2)

Recycled Rubber: 100-125 ft2 (9.2-11.6 m2)

9500 Platinum VCT
Flooring Adhesive

Warrantied for:

99% RH, 10 lbs MVER, 12pH


170-190 ft2 (15.8-18.6 m2)

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